BREAKING: Major Rapper Disses Obama: ‘He A Fake Ass N***a”

Obama may be down with OPP, but OPP ain’t down with him. Naughty By Nature helped shape rap as the world knows it (for better or worse), and the group once fell in line behind Barack Obama completely — but now that they have seen what eight years of Obama did to America, DJ Kay Gee has spoken out.
“You know, us black people, we thought Obama was the savior who would deliver us from white oppression. I mean, that’s what he told us,” the rapper told Rolling Stonein an interview published Monday. “It was like he pulled a bait and switch on us, promising us he’d do one thing and just being a tool instead in every sense of the word.”
“Obama used to pretend he be a real nigga but he a fake ass nigga for real,” Mr. Kay Gee. “He thought he spoke for black folks but he don’t speak for me or anyone I know.”

Asked if he likes President Trump better, the rapper refused to answer, telling Rolling Stone, “My answer could get me popped.”
If he doesn’t want to admit that he likes President Trump, that’s fine. It’s just good to see that the hood is finally realizing that Obama hoodwinked and bamboozled them.


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